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Tracey Serebin - Babymoon

101 Questions for Expectant Parents;
Preserving Your Relationship Through the Transition
By Tracey Serebin

It’s one of the top recommendations by www.babymoonfinder.com and www.bnbfinder.com.

The transition from being a couple to raising a child brings with it adjustments that regular parenting books simply don’t cover. While couples prepare for their baby’s birth they don’t really prepare for how this birth will affect their relationship.

Is your relationship ready for the changes that will take place once your baby arrives?

Tracey Serebin is the mother of a toddler. Before she and her husband had their son, they were used to just “going and doing.” When she became pregnant, all the books, as well as friends and family told her how life would change: sleep deprivation, spending more time at home and career adjustments. No one mentioned how the strong relationship with her husband would be altered.

As a family communication specialist for more than 15 years, she has written a book – 101 Questions for Expectant Parents – to be used as a “talking tool” – to help others preserve their relationship and prevent misunderstandings during the difficult transition from being a couple to becoming new parents.

A Babymoon is the Perfect Opportunity for a couple to work with this book. While away being pampered, relaxing and reconnecting, a couple can spend quality time discussing how to handle the adjustments that will occur, and how to parent together.

Cost: $10/plus shipping
Visit: www.traceyserebin.com
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