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Tracey Serebin- Reconnecting withFamily

“Top 10 HOLIDAY Travel Tips to Reconnect with Family”
Travel Journalist Specializes in Dialoguing With Children

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Representing: Tracey Serebin
A Child’s Voice

Ringwood, NJ (Dec 2007) Tracey Serebin, a family dynamics and communication specialist, is taking advantage of having her own baby son (nearly one) and husband by her side as she experiences destinations, many within driving distance of home & office, visiting special locales for her family travel stories.

The focus of her professional practice in Bergen County, New Jersey is building stronger families. One of Serebin’s philosophies that she imparts to her clients is ‘dialoguing’ with their children…and what better venue to do this is when the family is enjoying a vacation together…sometimes as brief as just an overnight getaway! Her business is called ‘A Child’s Voice’, a one-on-one coaching practice providing life skills for children as well as empowering parents to help nurture and strengthen their child’s character.

Most recently, she penned a travel narrative about a weekend in Spring Lake, at the Jersey Shore, relaxing with her husband and newborn at a family-friendly historic bed & breakfast. Shortly thereafter, she spent a week with extended family (baby’s grandparents) on Seabrook Island, South Carolina and a Caribbean cruise, additional family destinations that were ideal settings for her multi-generational re-connection and stories.

Serebin contends “These locations provided perfect settings to spend quality time with my child, husband and family as we relaxed together and simply enjoyed the dynamics of communicating with each other and getting to know the baby. For my clients who have children from the ages of 4 through high school, these personal travelogues are the most valuable first-hand experiences enabling me to create travel ‘tips’ to enhance their family vacations.”

1. Travel By Car – provides a great opportunity to dialogue
2. Vacation with Extended Family – what better way to bond with siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents
3. Pick Destinations with Activities Everyone Loves – learn everyone’s passions and connect through those experiences
4. Leave Work at the Office – allow yourself to focus on the family
5. Avoid Distractions – every day that you’re away, be ‘in the moment’ with your kids
6. Slow Down – lose your watch and the agenda; go with the flow of the day
7. Enjoy Meals Together – food and fun go hand in hand whether cooking together or relaxing in a restaurant
8. Explore and Learn – venture to new places, showing your children the sights that help you to experience life from their perspective
9. Embrace a Fresh Viewpoint – get away from the daily grind allowing a fresh viewpoint of your life and of your family
10. Treasure Private time with your Children and Spouse – quiet moments can be found in the daylight or late evenings to catch up and reconnect

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