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World Renowned Chef Surprises St. Augustine

Chef Paul Bocuse Visits Chef Jean-Stephane Poinard in New Bistro de Leon

St. Augustine, Florida (January 5, 2009) Making his first visit to St. Augustine, Florida, internationally respected Chef Paul Bocuse surprised his young friend Chef Jean-Stephane Poinard on Sunday January 4th by dropping into the Bistro de Leon for lunch with his family. Born into a long line of father/son chef teams, Mr. Bocuse has been declared the Greatest Chef of the 20th Century by the ‘Cuisine World’ and one of the fathers of Nouvelle Cuisine. He received a 3rd Michelin star in 1965 for his Restaurant near Lyon and is at the Top with 3 Stars in the Michelin for 40 consecutive years. Lyon, the Capital of French Gastronomy, is where Poinard also owned a collection of restaurants until his departure for St. Augustine in 2008.

Walking into the dining room from the kitchen, Poinard was told that a guest wanted to see him. “I couldn’t be more surprised and delighted to welcome Mr. Paul, my mentor, the Chef that we call Pope of the Cuisine…and his family… that he brought to my new establishment. This is for me a major honor and the most wonderful Christmas Gift” said Poinard with a gleam in his eye.

Quoted by Bocuse in an interview in the International Herald Tribune 2004 “The stars are what’s on the plate, not the decorations. There are basic rules to follow in cooking and now there are no basics.” His advice for young chefs: “Work, work, work.”

As a member of the exclusive Les Toques Blanches Lyonnaises, Poinard is one of the honored chefs invited into the rare fraternity of only 100 members. The organization is led by Paul Bocuse, recognized as the finest chef of the 20th Century and ambassador of modern French cuisine. During their lifetime, these chefs have been held in high regard for their contributions to the culture of the country.

Following Mr. Paul in his footsteps, Chef Poinard creates simple recipes emphasizing natural flavors and textures in market-fresh foods. Bocuse’s style caught on with many younger chefs and he became an ambassador of French cuisine, traveling around the globe giving classes while writing several books – including La Cuisine du Marche (The Cuisine of the Market, 1976). Since 1987, the prestigious award Bocuse d’Or has been regarded as the most important award for chefs in the world (at least when French food is considered).

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Bistro de Leon
12 Cathedral Place
St. Augustine, Florida

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