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King and Prince Features CUISINE, ART & COASTAL LORE

St. Simons Island, GA (August 9, 2010) Stay at the historic King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort as this award-winning oceanfront hotel hosts guests who are interested in coming to the Island for Bobi Saal’s newly created www.USA-IslandCookingClasses.com

Recognized internationally as an educator, business woman and devoted ‘foodie’, Saal returned from her own culinary adventure in Italy deciding to open the door on the Georgia coast to the same kind of unforgettable vacation that goes beyond just having a great time.

Saal states:
“Stay at the King and Prince Hotel and feel the genuine history of our island. Experience Southern cuisine by stepping into the kitchens of amazing chefs and cook right along side of them; capture the beauty of the island and create a piece of watercolor art. When my guests get home and hang their painting, cook delicious recipes for friends and talk about the history of the island, hopefully they will always remember the magic of our coastal Georgia adventure”.

The first debut event is launching September 19 – 24, 2010 ~ for five nights of hands-on cooking, art and island fun. Attendance is limited to 6-12 people for this and all upcoming scheduled dates. IslandCookingClasses pricing begins at $2,440.

The itinerary is extensive – from daily Southern breakfast buffet at the King and Prince to classes, meals, shrimp boat excursion, receptions, photography island tour and wine tastings. Full details are on Saal’s website including international and domestic suggestions for transportation.

Classes include:

• Chef Dave Snyder holds ‘court’ every day at Halyards, one of St. Simons Island’s most popular restaurants. Don your apron and prepare for his hands-on cooking classes that end with a gourmet luncheon and superb house wine. Using seasonally fresh and local foods, he’ll charm you with anecdotes from his years at the New England Culinary Institute and halcyon days in many of New York’s finest establishments including The Essex House.

• Have fun with restaurateur/chef John Howton, savoring his famed ‘Low Country Boil’ served daily at Blackwater Grill. Their signature Cajun, low-country Southern coastal cuisine is usually standing-room-only ~ A yummy coastal favorite you’ll never forget~

• From the culinary team at Canyon Ranch Resort & Spa to St. Simons Island, wellness Chef Laurie Erickson instructs on back-to-basics chef techniques, secrets and tricks that you’ll use forever. She’ll empower you with her philosophy that “Good cooking is 90% confidence”.

• Let yourself get swept away with the beauty of creating your own inspired watercolor coastal landscape with artist and instructor Louise Eaton. Relax, splash color on paper and enjoy a carefree afternoon as images of the island unfold.

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