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A Restorative Escape in Style - by Monica Geraci

It’s dusk – a nearby towering tree crowned with a large eagle’s nest gently sways in the last moments of twilight. I’m unaware of the time and I enjoy not knowing. A steamy cloud carrying the warm aromas of a fresh low country boil mixes with the cold, crisp air. I slowly take in the scent of carrots, onions, sausage, corn, potatoes and shrimp while listening to the laughter of new friends and the crackling of a roaring fire.

I am away. My phone is turned off. My computer is at home. Time stands still. I am thinking about jumping in the hot tub on the outdoor balcony, counting stars or getting cozy in the leather chair by the fire, slowly sipping a good wine.

Eagle Island, a secluded, 10-acre dream come true on the Private Islands of Georgia is a rare escape from the fast-paced life. Activities include meandering through cedar forest trails, kayaking in endless, beautiful salt-marshlands, playing ping-pong, roasting marshmallows in the outdoor fire pit, throwing horseshoes, trapping blue-crabs, fishing, boating to nearby islands or the ocean, napping in a hammock or sunbathing on the private dock.

Upon your arrival at the Coastal Maritime Lodge in historic downtown Darien, Georgia, Captain Andy Hill warmly welcomes you to his passion – the Private Islands of Georgia. From there you will enjoy a 15-minute boat ride to Eagle Lodge – your new home for a time – where the eagles choose to fly.

Captain Andy is a gracious host, customizing each experience to ensure an unforgettable stay. Eagle Island is a best-kept secret for honeymoons, girl’s getaways, family reunions, bachelor parties, anniversaries and full moon weekends. It is also a perfect choice for celebrities seeking seclusion in style and business travelers looking for something off the beaten path.

Among the 2,000 acres of rivers, estuaries, creeks, sounds and the Atlantic Ocean, you will find endless sensory rewards. Eagle Island invites you to unwind and “reset” your life’s watch.

Your escape is meant to be personalized. You may request an oyster roast to be orchestrated for your group or have a few bushels delivered for you to steam in the large outdoor kitchen amidst the great outdoors. Fishing charters, boat excursions and fireworks could be a part of your private adventure. Pets are even welcome to share the memories.

The interior and exterior of the Eagle Lodge has a smart, new kind of luxury. The owner celebrates things of old by salvaging found treasures, bringing them back to life and seamlessly incorporating them into the modern space such as the front entrance door that once belonged to a home on Sea Island, Georgia built in 1940. Everywhere you turn, there is a unique object of interest and each one has a unique story to match.

As you enter Eagle Lodge, it opens up into a great room adorned with cypress-paneled walls and floors. The large stone fireplace heats the entire 3,343 square feet nicely and is the perfect place to enjoy a game of cards, a favorite book or hours of conversation and laughter.

A spiral staircase leads to an open loft space above with a queen bed and luxurious linens. The entire lodge sleeps ten guests and the amenities are abundant. Wireless internet, a 1,500 square foot screened porch with comfortable places to relax, plenty of wood and kindling, a commercial ice machine, well-stocked chef’s kitchen with Turkish limestone countertops to prepare delicious meals on, a spacious outdoor shower, fluffy robes and expansive views of the pristine natural environment are just a few of the plush perks.

Eagle Lodge can become the perfect destination for anyone looking for a one of a kind getaway and one that you will talk about for years to come. It is welcoming to those that prefer an authentic cabin-like experience in the splendor of nature and those desiring a pampering, luxurious hideaway.

Just 70 miles from Jacksonville, Florida and 20 miles from St. Simons and Sea Island, Georgia, Eagle Island is just a “wingspan” away. Once you arrive, everything is at your fingertips.

The Private Islands of Georgia are encapsulated in a time when life moved to a much slower, simpler rhythm. Its deep-water islands – enchanting and mysterious – beckon you to return. There seems to be a wise secret among the live oak trees and the wind that whispers through them carries it. When you stay here, you breathe it in and it seems to say, “Slow down. Enjoy the freedom of the moment. Fly like an eagle.”

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