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Mayberry Momma - Author & Motivational Humorist

The Mayberry Momma™
Author and Motivational Humorist

The audience of close to 300 waits in anticipation. The meeting planner has promised they’ll have lots of fun at today’s session with the Mayberry Momma. Laughter starts immediately as Momma enters wearing an old-fashioned paisley housedress, red apron adorned with green ruffles…and her feet clad in red socks and brown laced shoes.

“Well, howdy. I’m so glad to be here to palaver with you today.” Momma’s deep-south voice drips with Carolina honey spiced with a country twang.

“Now how shall I start? Well – I was born at an early age” Momma pauses as twitters are heard throughout the room.

“Well, I WAS! In a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North K’lina. And that town has become famous because of me. Well – there was this other young whippersnapper that I went to school with – and sometimes people do talk about him. His name was Andy Griffith.”

The Mayberry Momma is the alter ego of Jewell M. Kutzer, an author and motivational humorist, who grew up in Mount Airy, North Carolina during the same era as Andy Griffith. Their hometown served as the inspiration for the fictional Mayberry in the much beloved television series. Jewell’s first book, Memories of Mayberry, A Nostalgic Look at Andy Griffith’s Hometown, celebrated the connections between the real and fictional towns. In fact, Jewell’s grandfather was the real Justice of the Peace when she and Andy were growing up, and Jewell, like TV’s Opie, made the jail her playground.

Jewell has been accused of coming out of the womb talking, and in fact, she gave her first performances at the age of five. Today, at an energetic 71, she’s still going strong! Over the years, her career path has included work as a Paralegal, and as an Executive Assistant to company presidents. While in the Middle East, she found herself being hidden in a closet so the Religious Police would not find her. For more than 30 years, Jewell has been a professional speaker, working with companies such as Revlon, Chrysler, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Century 21 and the PGA Tour.

The Mayberry Momma is an original character, drawing from television’s Aunt Bee and Jewell’s real Aunt Bea, who was feisty and lovingly in-your-face. Momma brings her wit and wisdom to conferences and conventions all over the country. With a theme song whistling contest and prizes for answers to trivia about The Andy Griffith Show, energy and laughter abound throughout the entire session. And watch out! Momma is known for coming out into the audience and ‘pickin’ on’ the participants.

Jewell, and Momma, both love people. Neither is ever at a loss for words; connecting with people and helping them laugh is a passion. The Mayberry Momma is charismatic; wise with a zest for having fun, charming, caring and quicker than lightning! Her southern accent is infectious and her witty style captures audiences within minutes. Momma has participants alternately spellbound and screaming with laughter.

Last year, with news reports saying that everybody was eating out, the Mayberry Momma launched a nationwide contest for the best down-home recipes. Cooks from California to Cape Cod responded and the winners, and the stories behind their recipes, are featured in the new book, Mayberry Momma’s Food for the Soul and Body. Other entries that were “just too good to leave out” and included, as well as six chapters of Carolina mountain wisdom and inspiration from Momma. She is especially pleased to have received permission to include the recipe for the Famous Pork Chop Sandwich from the Snappy Lunch in Mount Airy. The restaurant, which dates from 1923, was mentioned on The Andy Griffith Show and welcomes bus loads of visitors daily.

Other audiences have welcomed Jewell M. Kutzer for her ethics presentation. Following the instructions she received from Judge A. E. Creed, her grandfather, Jewell’s program “Doin’ the Right Thing” focuses on internal feelings. The subtitle is: Forget About the Rule Book. How Does Your Stomach Feel About It? With a spoonful of North Carolina honey, Jewell makes “Doin’ the Right Thing” seem as natural as breathing.

Information on Jewell, the Mayberry Momma, and both books can be found at:

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