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Eagle Island in new international book PRIVATE ISLANDS FOR RENT

Eagle Island Celebrates 10th Anniversary
And International Literary Recognition

Darien, Georgia (January 2013) The newly released book ‘Private Islands For Rent’ features Eagle Island (one of the collection of Private Islands of Georgia) among only four other islands in North America. Available through Amazon.com, the vibrantly illustrated 200 page coffee table book features 30 stunning islands from around the world. Unlike other island books, each island, including Captain Andy Hill’s pristine and remote Eagle Island, is available for exclusive rental.

’Private Islands For Rent’, is written by entrepreneur and island expert Chris Krolow who searched the globe to uncover 30 of the most exclusive and exotic island destinations. His selection of rental island destinations showcases the beauty, luxury and seclusion of private island rentals. With hundreds of superb aerial, interior and panoramic photographs, Eagle Island is featured along with majestic cliff-side retreats and the unspoiled beauty of the Mediterranean. Captain Andy Hill’s enchanting Eagle Island has been captivating international guests for ten years, celebrating its anniversary in 2013.

The Private Islands of Georgia are the gateway to Darien, Georgia, located on the Darien River. Nestled midway between Savannah and Jacksonville, the islands are an untouched
Preserve of Privacy covering 2,000 acres of salt marsh and including eight private islands. Eagle Island itself is ten acres with a lodge that can accommodate up to twelve people. When guests rent the island, it is their OWN private island for themselves and their invited company. Guest Services provides round-trip boat transportation from the mainland to the island, allowing guests to be totally alone once the boat returns to the mainland dock in Darien.

Owner Cap ‘t. Andy Hill comments “Eagle Lodge sits alone – surrounded by wildlife and plants in their natural environment, offering peace, quiet and complete seclusion. Thousands of acres of Georgia coastal marsh cut the island off from the rest of the world, surrounding it with the second largest system of salt marshes in the world.”

Eagle Island, having received press coverage from publications including the London Times, Wall Street Journal, Southern Living, Outside Magazine and Boston Globe… is honored to be recognized with the other select islands in Private Islands For Rent.

Part of the mystique and experience of being on Eagle Island is created by guests having their food and beverage ordered and stocked at Eagle Lodge upon arrival. This leaves guests free to explore the island walking trails, catch fish and blue crabs, relax in the hot tub, build a fire in the lodge or outdoor fire pit or simply watch the sunset and the full moon rising.

2013 is a benchmark year for Eagle Island. It’s a celebration of ten years that visitors have been privileged to be a part of the uninhabited Island’s rhythm of nature. Time passes slowly as the days unfold where one doesn’t feel the frenzy of having to create a plan of activities. Whatever you choose becomes a passion ‘of the moment’. Listen to birds waking with a sunrise and the lapping of the May Hall Creek against Eagle dock. Simply watch the sunset and full moon rising.

Author Krolow states “We put together a unique collection of islands that offer something truly special…that showcases both well-known islands like Richard Branson’s Neck Island in the British Virgin Islands as well as some lesser known islands. It’s not just pretty pictures; the book highlights a selection of some of the most interesting and exclusive islands that are currently available for rent. After seven years, we have compiled a list of exceptional islands, each of which is well worth the trip for just a few days, a week or even longer. These places are not just the incarnation of a multimillionaire’s dream ~ They are open for you.”

Published by Jonglez Publishing, Private Islands For Rent is available in French and English.

Eagle Island is a Five-Moon Getaway:
• No Agenda
• No Clock
• No Deadline
• Yes Fun
• Privacy is our Priority!

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