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EASTER CHOCOLATE CONTEST - at Claude's Chocolate

A Sweet Surprise That Lasts All Year

St. Augustine FL (February 2008 ) Claude’s Chocolate has opened its 2nd chocolate shop on U.S. #1 north between St. Augustine and Phillips Highway. With Easter around the corner, Nicole & Claude Franques have created a chocolate contest with very simple rules: come into their new location, taste a yummy bon bon and put your name into the Easter basket to receive the Grand Prize: A year of Claude’s Chocolate featuring each month’s signature chocolate creation!

Claude’s Easter Contest begins February 25 thru Easter Sunday. The winner will be announced March 24. One doesn’t need to purchase any of their gourmet European-inspired chocolates to be the winner.

Claude’s world-class gourmet chocolates are made from pure Belcolade Belgian chocolate, one by one, in his chocolate production facility in Ponte Vedra. From pecans to hazelnuts, Claude painstakingly oven-roasts all of the nuts in his repertoire. His 28 varieties of bon bon with exotic flavors are uniquely designed... a few favorites are passion fruit, espresso, fresh coconut, lime, raspberry Champagne, Grand Marnier and Valencia orange.

Visit Claude’s online at www.claudeschocolate.com.

Claude and Nicole love to share their ‘little mouthfuls of heaven’ with chocolate lovers everywhere.
Claude’s Chocolate – One of Life’s Affordable Luxuries!

145 Hilden Road, (U.S. #1 north)
(1 mile South of Rt. #210)
(904) 829-5790
# # #

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