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Welcome to America's Oldest City!

Welcome to America’s Oldest City! We plan to enchant you with its romance, mystery and drama – chronicled through memoirs and photographs where the people are as colorful as the flags that have flown from the steeples for more than 442 years.

The essential theme of St. Augustine is experiencing the history and legends of our Ancient City, intertwined with an exploration of the celebrated historic ‘district’. It will captivate you forever! St. Augustine is defined by its proximity to water on the East - the Atlantic Ocean and Matanzas River – and its early roots in American history (circa 1565).

Today, every narrow street whispers a secret, from Spanish/English architecture and horse-drawn carriages to historical markers dotting the town and cultural adventures of postmodern pastiche. Sprinkle with a dash of extraordinary dining, moonlight shining on the schooners and clippers, dazzling galleries and historians weaving stories under swaying palm trees. We promise to introduce you to many of the best-kept secrets of our intriguing city.

The Inns of Elegance invite you to our Great Escape
In 7 nationally recognized luxurious bed & breakfast inns ‘With a Pedigree’

Dining is a cultural smorgasbord of Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, German, Asian, Swiss and Southern Florida Cracker. Quaint cafes can be found on every street…while celebrated chefs are putting their signature on landmark restaurants. Sit under a vibrant bougainvillea tree or gargantuan live oak, toast Love on a dreamy verandah and let the breezes whisper their own nostalgic song throughout your stay.

From artists who gathered on the beach of Fort Matanzas, setting up studios behind the lavishly glamorous Hotel Ponce de Leon in 1888, planting their easels inside a brick courtyard or simply sitting motionless on a stone wall sketching a coquina cottage, the art scene has been rated one of the Top 10 ‘Best Small Art Towns in America.”

St. Augustine is a Walking City! Narrow brick-paved streets lure lovers to the bay front and secret hideaways. Wear your favorite shoes and casual attire, sling a camera over your shoulder and let me share the excitement and romance of our city for 3 days where Art, Culture, Estuaries, Architecture, Cuisine and Ghost Tales are flourishing for at least the next hundred years. St. Augustine is an ideal getaway for the Young at Heart!

~ Leigh Cort and the Inns of Elegance ~

Leigh Cort

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