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BETTER HOMES & GARDENS - April 2010 - LIVING/travel
Return to Glory - by Kathleen Parrish - April 2010 The Casa Marina, Jacksonville Florida  This restored 23-suite hotel recalls an old Florida when gangsters such as Al Capone and Hollywood movie stars sunned themselves on the beach by day and attended smoky lounge acts and dazzling parties by night.  When... click here for more

London Times Selects EAGLE ISLAND
Eagle Island, Georgia, Chosen by London Times “You can have one all to yourself and it doesn’t have to cost a bomb” Darien, GA (May 2010) The May 1st headline reads “20 affordable private islands for hire ~ Hiring an island for an exclusive holiday isn’t just for the super-rich.... click here for more

HipsterTravelGuide.com - May 2010 - by Gayle McCarthy
Hop Aboard The S. S. Hipster By Gayle McCarthy Shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it…pan-fried, deep-fried, stir-fried… pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich. That’s... click here for more

Stories from the Sunrise Hipster - April 2010
Stories from The Sunrise Hipster By Gayle McCarthy Photo courtesy of Loretta Lynn, no, not that one, the other Loretta Lynn On any given day, I do not wake to see the sunrise if I don’t have to. It is beyond an understatement to say that I am not a... click here for more

St. Simons Island: The Golfing Hipster - MAY 2010
Saint Simons Island: The Golfing Hipster By Gayle McCarthy Hipsters don’t golf. We typically don’t sport plaid pants with white belts, wear collared shirts or have assistants named Jeeves. Foosball or pool is more our speed. In fact, the closest I’ve ever been to playing golf is hitting a small... click here for more

PoliticanMavens.com - March 2010 - by Karen Feld
FINDING THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH By Karen Feld Who among us doesn’t want to discover the eternal Fountain of Youth? Politicians, and their constituents alike, are no different. For some, it may be akin to finding a pot of gold, for others, a fad diet, steamy sex, or perhaps, Botox, cosmetic... click here for more

www.bylandersea.blogspot - by DEBI LANDER - 3/2010
EAGLE ISLAND, GEORGIA I don’t do raw oysters. I suppose…if you added a large dollop of cocktail sauce and bribed me, I might be able to get one down—but I’m just not into slimey food. However, I recently tasted a roasted oyster and well, that's a different story. I've added a... click here for more

Tampa Bay Observer - February 2010 - Casa Marina Hotel
TRIPS WORTH TAKING Casa Marina: A jewel in Jacksonville Feb 25, 2010 - 8:36:34 PM By WARREN RESEN Member of the Florida Outdoor Writers Association The Grand Old Lady of Jacksonville Beach sits on a dune overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. She has been there since early in the last century... click here for more

HipsterTravelGuide.com - February 2010 - by Gayle McCarthy
St. Augustine is for lovers February 16, 2010 By Gayle McCarthy Sometimes the most romantic places are best explored after the Valentine’s Day visitors have disappeared. Service at restaurants is typically more attentive, inns and hotels are less crowded, and parking is easier to find. If you’re looking for a... click here for more

Gayot.com - FEBRUARY 2010 - by Patricia Mack
St. Augustine - Romantic Inns By Patricia Mack Love is in the air in St. Augustine, America's oldest continuously occupied European city on Florida's "The First Coast." St. Augustine's heart beats with a gentler tempo moderated by glistening coastal waters, narrow pathways and boundless opportunity for enchantment. Founded in 1565,... click here for more

WinEnormous - by Tom Plant
January 2010 - aboard msEurodam - IFWTWA Conference at Sea Eurodam Chef Brendan & Chef Jean Stephane Poinard The next morning we were treated to a cooking demo by Chef Jean Stephane Poinard of the renowned Bistro de Leon in St. Augustine, FL. Chef is a charming man and a maestro... click here for more

It's Only Natural: The Sandpiper Inn on Longboat Key ©2010 Lisa Codianne Fowler Photography by Hookey Hamilton and Patrick Fowler Nestled amid the glitzy high-rises on Longboat Key lies Forgotten Florida; The Sandpiper Inn. An anachronistic single-story resort perched on the Gulf, the intimate enclave is a step back in... click here for more

Huntington Beach News - November 2009 - by HOIYIN IP
LONGBOAT KEY, FL... Our roving reporter Hoiyin Ip from the Huntington Beach News on vacation in Florida sends back this report... I always thought the phrase “sandy beach” was redundant. Have you seen a sandless beach? But until I put my feet on the soft powdered-sugar beach in Longboat Key,... click here for more

NewOrleans.com - October 2009 - FRITZEL's
NEW ORLEANS | It was a very cool, relaxing Tuesday nite as I walked from Dauphine Street to Bourbon St towards Fritzel’s Jazz Club. I knew I would be absorbed by music tonight. Bourbon Street was relatively calm and quiet and did not reflect the vibrant atmosphere inside of Fritzel’s... click here for more

Longboat Key - A Dining Style All Its Own
www.AmericanRoads.net October, 2009This season I’m hosting a travel media trip to Longboat Key, Florida. For nearly a century this 11-mile long Gulf of Mexico ‘cay’ has hosted international world-class celebrities who find anonymity here that’s as delicious as the sweet stone crabs that are indigenous to their local waters. One... click here for more

AmericanRoads.net - My Armchair Vacation - Oct. 2009
My Armchair Vacation Occasionally one can take an armchair vacation, especially when a particular book is as compelling as "ABSENTE: Images and Tastes of the Green Fairy". From art and absinthe’s history to cocktails and cuisine, it’s easier and possibly more fun than racing to hop a flight to Paris.... click here for more

FamilyTravelForum.com - September 2009 - by Emily Yanez
Florida’s Historic Oceanfront Hotel invites guest for a unique 4/N 5/D hotel stay for $317. Looking to spend this holiday season on a tranquil white sandy beach paired with luxurious hotel accommodations and an exquisite dining experience? The Casa Marina Hotel in Jacksonville Beach FL is offering a tempting package... click here for more

Baccarat Magazine - June 2009 by Carol Wright - GOING WILD
Going Wild Off the coast of Georgia in the US, Eagle Island offers more of a wilderness adventure with unstructured days and no formality. You can keep an eye on a bald eagle’s nest while reading on a giant porch swing or relaxing in the hot tub. Owner Andy Hill,... click here for more

Beaches Leader - Sept. 15, 2009 - Literary Fan Dream Come True
ST. AUGUSTINE – The Florida Heritage Book Festival brought together many Florida authors for a weekend of literary events; some of them stayed at historic bed & breakfast inns. To Kelly Grzesiuk, manager of the St. Francis Inn, it was …. ”My best weekend ever. I couldn’t believe that Tim... click here for more

Jazzy Snapper - 9/09 - TravelOnTheLevel.com - by Judy Wells
Chef Aaron Webb recently showed a group of travel writers how he prepares his signature snapper. It's by far the most popular dish in the wildly popular Sunday Brunch at the Casa Marina Hotel in Jacksonville Beach. It isn't nearly as hard as it looks either. Casa Marina Diced Snapper... click here for more

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