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Mayberry Momma - Author & Motivational Humorist
The Mayberry Momma™ Author and Motivational Humorist The audience of close to 300 waits in anticipation. The meeting planner has promised they’ll have lots of fun at today’s session with the Mayberry Momma. Laughter starts immediately as Momma enters wearing an old-fashioned paisley housedress, red apron adorned with green ruffles…and... click here for more

Marie Merritt - Personal Trainer of Local Notables
“Personal Trainer of Local Notables Launches with Momentum” Fitness Starts with the ABC’s of the Three D’s Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl. (AUGUST 2007) Marie Merritt knows the challenges that one must go through to attain physical condition in a positive environment with an educated trainer by their side. Offering the... click here for more

Kingfish Grill - Winner of Minnow Menu Contest
Kaylee Wilken’s Cinnamon Red Applesauce 9-YEAR OLD ENTERS MINNOW MENU CONTEST A Young Chef-in-the-Making Wins St. Augustine Vacation St. Augustine, Fl (January 5, 2008) Kaylee Wilken had to enter the ‘minnow menu’ contest. She and cooking go hand-in-hand. When her grandmother Karen Hopman saw the Kingfish Grill restaurant’s recipe contest... click here for more

Kingfish Grill - New Classic Restaurant
“Kingfish Grill’s Fin Fare Recognized in New Classic Restaurants” The Kingfish Grill is on the move, not from its premier location at the Camachee Cove Marina on the Intracoastal Waterway, but now being recognized by food editors ‘in the know’ about where to go and what to eat. The Palm... click here for more

Holiday Cravings
HOLIDAY ‘CRAVINGS’ Official and unofficial holidays named by politicians, food manufacturers, American Meat Institute, American Dairy Council and the eating public!! JANUARY Soup month, oatmeal, hot tea Bean day 6, cheese day 20, pie day 23, corn chip day 29 February Cheery month, sweet potato, potato lover’s month, chocolate Gm... click here for more

“WRAPPING UP THE HOLIDAYS” Spring Lake December Getaway for Girls Only Spring Lake, NJ (November 2007) To celebrate the Holiday Season while making shopping and wrapping presents easy, the Historic Inns of Spring Lake are inviting women to enjoy a pre-Christmas Shopping Spree – ‘WRAPPING UP THE HOLIDAYS.’ Stay at... click here for more

From Manhattan to the Jersey Shore
FROM MANHATTAN to THE JERSEY SHORE …A Dramatic Duet Vacation by Leigh Cort~ Nearly a century of history separates them as well as the legendary Hudson River and 75 miles. They are as diverse from each other as a glass of fine claret or an icy sauterne. But there is... click here for more

Welcome to America's Oldest City!
Welcome to America’s Oldest City! We plan to enchant you with its romance, mystery and drama – chronicled through memoirs and photographs where the people are as colorful as the flags that have flown from the steeples for more than 442 years. The essential theme of St. Augustine is experiencing... click here for more

Engage your Senses with the Wonder of Chocolate
“Engage your Senses with the Wonder of Chocolate” ...Claude’s Chocolate Debuts with the Sweet Smell of Success There is a mounting excitement about the newest Chef in St. Augustine. He’s not launching a restaurant, catering company, bakery or take-out sandwich shop. He is following a dream of opening Claude’s Chocolate... click here for more

History of the Casa Marina Hotel
History of the Casa Marina Hotel The Casa Marina Hotel, at 81, is a grand old lady and still turning heads! Ever since it opened its doors onto the Jacksonville beaches in 1925, when every postcard of the era announced ‘world’s finest beach’, the Casa Marina has remained an alluring... click here for more

Northeast Florida Hotel (circa 1924) Carries on a Legacy
Casa Marina Hotel & Restaurant (circa 1924) “Northeast Florida Hotel Carries on a Legacy” …New General Manager Celebrates with Historic Heritage Promotion! ______________________________________________________ Jacksonville Beach, FL (January 2008) The Casa Marina Hotel in Jacksonville Beach carries a significant architectural and historic legacy as a member of Historic Hotels of America.... click here for more

Two Famous Narrow Streets Whisper Their Secrets From brick-paved Aviles Street to Hypolita Street, two of St. Augustine’s most scenic historic ‘thoroughfares’ dating back to the 1500’s, the past 440+ years have brought the mystery and history of both avenues together. The people and their stories have all but disappeared... click here for more

Roslyn Burrough - The Magic of Broadway
Roslyn Burrough The Magic of Broadway – Center Stage for Edward Waters College Welcoming New President Dr. Claudette H. Williams Jacksonville, Fl (March 2) “The President’s Inaugural Concert” at Jacoby Hall on March 13 launches a rich celebratory 4-day weekend for Edward Waters College new President – Dr. Claudette H.... click here for more

EASTER CHOCOLATE CONTEST - at Claude's Chocolate
“EASTER CHOCOLATE CONTEST” A Sweet Surprise That Lasts All Year St. Augustine FL (February 2008 ) Claude’s Chocolate has opened its 2nd chocolate shop on U.S. #1 north between St. Augustine and Phillips Highway. With Easter around the corner, Nicole & Claude Franques have created a chocolate contest with very... click here for more

Roslyn Burrough - The Magic of Broadway
Center Stage for Edward Waters College Welcoming New President Dr. Claudette H. Williams Jacksonville, Fl (February 28) “The President’s Inaugural Concert” at Jacoby Hall on March 13 launches a rich celebratory 4-day weekend for Edward Waters College new President – Dr. Claudette H. Williams. The concert features the Jacksonville Symphony,... click here for more

“Top 10 HOLIDAY Travel Tips to Reconnect with Family” Travel Journalist Specializes in Dialoguing With Children Ringwood, NJ (Dec 2007) Tracey Serebin, a family dynamics and communication specialist, is taking advantage of having her own baby son (nearly one) and husband by her side as she experiences destinations, many within... click here for more

Tini Martini Bar is the ‘Toast’ of St. Augustine’s Bayfront Scene - First Inn Bar Opens at the Casablanca St. Augustine, Fl (August 2007) The Casablanca Inn (circa 1914) has been well-known and awarded hospitality recognitions for decades. Owners Michael Miles and Nancy Cloud are taking the historic inn into... click here for more

“HONORING My Favorite Mom AT THE SPRING LAKE INN” Weekend for Moms & Grand Moms Will be Remembered All Year Long Spring Lake, N.J. (January 23) Celebrate Mother’s Day 2008 with a flourish at the Spring Lake Inn (circa 1888). Its European-style hospitality, history and contemporary amenities blend into an... click here for more

SPRING LAKE INN CATCHING RAYS - Solar Power a Legit Option for Energy Conscious Innkeepers Spring Lake, N.J. (Jan 2008) Barbara and Andy Seaman are ‘beaming’ about the new solar power installation in their grand historic inn at the Jersey shore. Newly inaugurated in this 1888 grand European-style ‘mansion by... click here for more

“Spring Lake Author Tour A Tremendous Success” - Spring Lake, N.J. (June 22, 2007) After 500 tickets were sold out and 15 participating authors collectively sold nearly 800 books to their fans, one could conclude that the 1st Annual ‘Authors & Inns Tour’ event in Spring Lake on June 10th... click here for more

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