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Food Judges

A Division of the Womens Food Alliance

The Womens Food Alliance is a professional organization of food and hospitality members who are available as www.FoodJudges.com for events ~ when expert qualified evaluations are required. Headquartered in northeast Florida, there are more than 100 members engaged in a broad spectrum of food related companies who have high standards when assessing and judging food competitions.

Food judging implies that a qualified person is making decisions based on standards of food quality. Judging food entries requires a knowledge and understanding of basic food science principles, good nutrition, sensory qualities of an optimum food entry and the factors that contribute to the success of the food entry.

Categories that Food Judges consider at special events include:

  • Appearance
  • Creative use of ingredients
  • Taste

Members of the Womens Food Alliance are available to volunteer their judging services, bringing a level of professional attributes to the events they attend:

  • Attend appropriately dressed and well groomed
  • Have a positive and pleasant manner
  • Offer flexibility & can anticipate events having last minute changes
  • Act objectively throughout judging
  • Possess knowledge & familiarity with products being judged
  • Make quick and firm decisions
  • Present reasons for decisions
  • Offer constructive critique and compliments
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www.FoodJudges.com is a division of the Womens Food Alliance. Our organization cultivates and advances education, networking and collaboration for women in the culinary and hospitality industry throughout Florida and southeast Georgia. www.WomensFoodAlliance.com


  • Use the E.A.T. method of judging: Execution ~ Appearance ~ Taste
  • Determine how many judges the competition requires; always an odd number
  • Provide score cards to the judges
  • Prepare judge's tables with scorecards, pens, cutlery, napkins and placement. For multiple dish tastings, have small plates nearby for judges to change after each individual dish. Water must be available to cleanse palate between tastings
  • Present the dishes to be judged to EACH judge for careful examination. Provide the dish 'title' and a food description. Each judge must receive a replicated sample of the dish that is equally presented and prepared
  • Judges do not have discussion of the entries until they have completed their scorecard
  • When judging for Execution, food should be reflected in the dish's title
  • Flavors and textures must complement one another
  • Judges set aside their personal flavor preferences to objectively make their decisions
  • All judges are decisive and consistent ~ pacing themselves during the event

Whether www.FoodJudges.com are critiquing holiday gingerbread houses, creme brulee, club sandwiches, locally caught shrimp, cheese fondue or salsas and BBQ ribs, you can count on us bringing a professional level of ethics and techniques to food and beverage judging.

For information about the www.FoodJudges.com or to BOOK www.FoodJudges.com contact:

Leigh Cort ~ President of the Womens Food Alliance & FoodJudges




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