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Our Company, Hospitality Etiquette Training, provides interactive, custom designed programs for every sector of the hospitality and corporate industry. Our results-driven training will take your company’s

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Management

teams to higher levels of excellence. The hospitality industry is one of competition! Staying relevant increases your chance of survival through good manners and excellent guest service. The key principles to providing a customer experience that is unlike any other includes: Understanding and anticipating customer’s needs ~ Empowering employees by treating them with respect ~ Conducting an unsurpassed training program!

What is Etiquette? Etiquette is an assortment of rules that suggests making a good impression in our lifestyle as we engage in social and business communication and behavior. Good manners reflect our ethics and culture throughout various occasions and group interaction.

Does etiquette still matter? We can’t push aside courteous caring behavior ...because everyone loves to be respected and shown consideration at certain times.

Etiquette is behavior that assists survival for our times!
It’s a simple and comprehensible language of mutual respect.

An employee’s positive behavior determines your guest’s experience ~ and especially impacts your company’s reputation and profitability. Organizations need employees that make the Correct Behavior Choices automatically. Changing behavior is not easy ~ and ~ recognizing excellence is also one of the goals of successful training.

Modern Etiquette is Trendy Again! When today’s norm might seem that we prefer texting over talking, good manners may be taking a back seat and seem like an ‘afterthought’. Etiquette is trendy again! It’s become so fashionable and necessary ~ AND it can make or break your professional development!

From first impressions and how to set a formal table to social media etiquette and networking style…Hospitality Etiquette Training is necessary, informative and fun. Today, the MORE we work online, the LESS confident we are when we walk into a room to network! Respect at work = productivity, builds trust and impacts the bottom line. The most sustainable motivator at work is ‘Thank you’.

The basic rules of etiquette are simple. It’s a culture of common courtesy, speech, neat appearance and control over your emotions. Our daily and weekly seminars focus on learning the rules for yourself and sharing the knowledge with others ~ whether it’s Hospitality Etiquette Training for your staff or ‘being in the know’ for your personal mindfulness!

Each program that we design at Hospitality Etiquette Training is custom-tailored to enhance your company’s productivity, image and overall achievements. This may include (among many more):

  • Management Training to Build Your Team
  • The Hospitality Personality Makes a Difference
  • Communication/Sales ~ In person or on the Phone
  • Developing the Ultimate Guest Service through Etiquette & Respect
  • Travel Safety Risk Management
  • International Etiquette
  • Business Entertaining and How to Host an Event
  • Creating Your Elevator Speech
  • Principles of Dining
  • Handshakes & Introductions
  • Meetings & Business Events
  • Dressing for Success

How do we make a difference to your organization? We offer the most accomplished trainers to implement your custom-designed program that could be 1-day or more.

Today, the MORE we work online, the LESS confident we are when we walk into a room to network! Respect at work = productivity, builds trust and impacts the bottom line. The most sustainable motivator at work is
‘Thank you’.

It's cool again to Respect and Embrace Good Etiquette

Leigh Cort
Founder & President ~ Leigh Cort
Well-versed in the international hospitality industry since the 1980s, Leigh Cort’s dedication to developing strong leadership, skilled behavior and prideful appearance over the years has sparked the fire for many people. An alumni of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and the Trump Tower NYC creating celebrated events, she believes that Selection and Training of an enthusiastic committed team is the core of a professional, successful and positive environment!

Trainer ~ Sandi Galloway
Sandi Galloway is an airline, hotel and corporate professional of protocol, etiquette and communication. As a valued member of the Canadian Consulate General she was internationally respected as Director of Southwest Meetings & Conventions for the Canadian Tourism Commission. Her numerous U.S. accolades include being a Certificate Protocol, Etiquette & Civility Professional ~ as she guides clients to be aware of and master their behavior skills.

Trainer ~ Marsha Myers
Marsha Myers is a certified executive coach, seasoned facilitator and public speaker. She served as Sr. V.P. at Lee Hecht Harrison, a consulting firm specializing in training and coaching; for six consecutive years her office was nationally recognized for achieving growth in Superior Customer Service Quality Scores. An international traveler, her broad experience in hospitality venues gives her a unique approach to the creation and presentation of interactive coaching.


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed today’s training. I learned so much ~ so I guess you can’t say that you can’t teach this old dog new tricks because YOU CAN! Your training and personal involvement was AMAZING! I will be sharing your information with my TEAM and look forward to another training opportunity where I can send a few of my people. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.!

Anne Urban, DPC. DestinationPlanning.com ~ and Centerstage Entertainment & Rentals

With etiquette, we don’t know what we don’t know! Throughout the training day, I kept thinking there were many moments that were surprising reminders. Please keep this informative lecture series going. It’s a highly needed topic in today’s society for the young, old, full-on business person or retiree. We all need this!

Christine Granfield, MD

The Womens Food Alliance ~ Hospitality Etiquette Training ~ program is the perfect refresher course to all of the do’s and don’ts of business etiquette. The environment is fun, interactive and most important educational!

Sarah Galen ~ Market Director ~ Wander Media Company

In a world that often seems so crazy and hectic, today was a wonderful opportunity to take a break and take stock of my own personal etiquette habits and to share experiences with our group of impressive hospitality women. We all learned something new and valuable.

Shannon Hart



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