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Hospitality Etiquette Training

Etiquette is an assortment of rules that suggests making a good impression in our lifestyle as we engage in social and business communication and behavior. Good manners reflect our ethics and culture throughout various occasions and group interaction.

Does etiquette still matter? We can’t push aside courteous caring behavior ...because everyone loves to be respected and shown consideration at certain times.

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Etiquette is behavior that assists survival for our times!
It’s a simple and comprehensible language of mutual respect.

  • Whether you’re learning the rules for yourself or sharing the knowledge with others
  • Whether it’s a Hospitality Etiquette Training for your Staff
  • Or Being ‘in the know’ for your personal mindfulness!

The basic rules of etiquette are simple. It’s a culture of common courtesy, speech, neat appearance and control over your emotions.

Modern Etiquette

When today’s norm might seem that we prefer texting over talking, good manners may be taking a back seat and seem like an ‘afterthought’. But Modern Etiquette is Trendy again! It’s become so fashionable and necessary ~ AND it can make or break your professional development!

From first impressions and how to set a formal table to social media etiquette and networking style…Hospitality Etiquette Training is necessary, informative and fun.

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Today, the MORE we work online, the LESS confident we are when we walk into a room to network!

It's cool again to Respect and Embrace Good Etiquette

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From Eye Contact and Knowing What to Say ~ to Being on Time ~ Etiquette is Trendy Again!

What is it like to be a child in today’s busy adult life? Manners are the common language that holds society together. Adults need to teach children what social etiquette is so that they can comfortably communicate with peers and adults ~ giving them the confidence to succeed. Children require extra patience and love through basic etiquette rules which will help them develop a healthy self-esteem.

From greetings and farewells ~ to eating at the table, phone manners, travel and school etiquette ~ Life with children and teens goes more smoothly and efficiently as they learn to treat others respectfully as they graciously accept the respect they deserve too.

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Hospitality Etiquette Training

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