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February 2008 - Conrad van Wyk, noted international architect, has opened his first art gallery on a brick-paved Hypolita Street in the Ancient City, St. Augustine, Florida.

His large monochromatic black and white paintings adorn the walls of the new van Wyk Gallery, a handsome uncluttered studio in the Casa del Hildalgo building, situated on the corner of Hypolita and the famed St. George Street.

Born and raised in Namibia, van Wyk was one of England’s premier architects specializing in global airport design - from Malaysia and Greece to Ireland and the U.K.

The art form of the van Wyk Gallery is not of typical Florida art of Seascapes and Landscapes instead it reflects life as it is, things that are day to day, simple things like men working or a women gazing into a window.

The van Wyk Gallery brings old world technique and contemporary style together for a new and exciting point of view.

van Wyk Gallery

Casa de Hildalgo

35 Hypolita Street Suite 105

St. Augustine, Florida 32084

(904) 315-7797

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