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We know how to develop publicity campaigns with food media, creative marketing concepts, taking unusual and one-of-a-kind food items to American kitchens while positioning celebrity chefs into the limelight. Through well-strategized and integrated multi-media publicity services, our clients' yummy products are in every 'welcome package' when food journalists come to town. They always leave with a story. And we know how to get the national public involved in 'foodie' competitions so they visit our clients' websites.
Classic & Contemporary - French Comfort Food Arrives in St. Augustine

Chef/Restaurateur Jean-Stephane Poinard has come to America. Bistro de Leon is within steps from the Bridge of Lions on Cathedral Place in St. Augustine, Florida. "This is a restaurant that fits into its neighborhood - Bistro de Quartier. It's a small cozy café in a cozy town, like at home in Lyon". French home cuisine "la cuisine de meres" is what propelled Poinard to the top of the elitist gastronomic scene since 1998. Proud of being a 5th generation chef and owning Lyon's Hotel Restaurant de Paris (in the family since 1962) brought this splendid restaurateur with a pedigree into the limelight - delighting celebrities with his exuberant passion and pleasure in cooking. As a member of the exclusive Les Toques Blanches Lyonnaises, Poinard is one of the honored chefs invited into the rare fraternity of 100 members. The new Bistro de Leon begins early, authentic French breakfast served when St. Augustine wakens. His kitchen is alive with the surprises of each day's bounty through lunch and into dinner. Together, Jean-Stephane and Valerie Poinard invite their guests to 'Enjoy the Bistro as if it were 'Beaujolais Nouveau' every day of the year and live the moment with us". Bistro de Leon | #12 Cathedral Place | St. Augustine, Florida 32084

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Sherry Stoppelbein's award-winning Datil B Good spicy datil sauces are fragrant, piquant and perfect for every palate from mild to scalding hot! Her recipes are adopted from the authentic legacy of St. Augustine's Minorcan families, dating to the late 1700's. The little green and yellow peppers are grown locally and their Spanish inheritance is unmistakable. Their sweet heat is clearly identifiable...men go for the heat and women go for the sweet! Datil B Good has a pedigree, since Stoppelbein grows her datils, creates the sauces from scratch and adds that special dash of love from her farm in St. Augustine.
When FRIXA Olive Oil appeared in Southern Living Magazine, it was apparent that our excellent relationship with the food mediaand publicity services help get information to consumers. George Chryssaidis, owner of Athena Café and Georgie's Diner in St. Augustine, turns olive oil from an everyday ingredient into a truly delightful delicacy. He brought the first shipment of Frixa, from his hometown in Greece, to the United States this year and within weeks his publicity campaign covered the country.  READ BLOG...

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Claude and Nicole Franques fill a niche in St. Augustine that is innovative while pioneering a true European-style of luxurious romantic chocolate. Their petite shop has a big following. The allure of America enticed Claude to leave Toulouse, France becoming one of New York's fine French chefs. He and Nicole spent 20 years continuing the legacy of Rene Pujol Restaurant in Manhattan, until St. Augustine's charm and European style beckoned them to stay. Here they have created their new culinary adventure...Claude's Chocolate.
St. Francis Inn (circa 1791) is the oldest inn in America's oldest city dating back to the Second Spanish Colonial period. Culinary Director/Chef Gary Douylliez has created a signature breakfast dish that pays tribute to the Inns' heritage ~ 1791 Granola. Developed with old-fashioned wholesome ingredients that the Inn's guests enjoy at breakfast each day, it has been perfected by the St. Francis Inn and packaged to take home or ship.
At Amici Restaurant, Vito and Benedetta invite you to step back in time to enjoy the nostalgic scenes of Sicily with their family's portraits and landscapes of Vizzini. Rich woods and hand-crafted tile tables offer all the right ingredients for relaxing over a luscious home-cooked meal or celebrating a momentous occasion. The passion you taste in their food comes from the enthusiasm and talents of their Chef and an old-world family legacy of 'mangiare bene'. They are consistently dedicated to bringing the best home-style Italian/Continental cuisine to St. Augustine. 
Kingfish Grill, located on St. Augustine's alluring and trafficked Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, is an A-lister, an effervescent contemporary seafood café that touches on today's dining scene by featuring popular culinary favorites while not flinching at innovative sushi, fine seafood or casual bistro-burger fare combinations.

Owner Paul Mackey and General Manager Beth Mincher share an amazing synergy both compelling and admirable. Their credentials are impressive and the menu takes you on a global culinary trip for lunch and dinner daily. With a view of the vast panorama of luxury yachts, it's an understated setting that today's luxury consumer finds comfortable, relaxed and the perfect blend of privacy and picturesque.
The Secret's in the Tastin'
High quality, moderate priced Bar B Q in a 'Rustic' Setting

For 30 years, Woody Mills and Yolanda Mills-Mawman have been pioneers in the Bar BQ phenomenon that had its humble beginnings in Jacksonville, Florida. Now sprouting an expanding chain throughout Florida into Tennessee and N. Carolina, connoisseurs recognize Woody's Bar-B-Q™ for its old-fashioned hickory smoked technique and melt-in-your-mouth meat.

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"You're a CHEF of WORDS"

Executive Chef Aaron Webb, Casa Marina Hotel ~ Jacksonville Beach, FL

"Thanks for all your help with our new website. You are doing a great job. I think that you are expressing the right feelings about Claude's chocolate. Could not be where we are today without you."

Nicole Franques, Claude's Chocolate

"We've received so much publicity that advertising hasn't even come into play. Efficient, aggressive, knowledgeable, fun and professional. That's Leigh!"

Sherry Stoppelbein, Owner, Datil B Good

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