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Woody's Bar-B-Q Knows How to Build Fans

Rib-Eating Contest Winners
Celebrate Southern Bar-B-Q at Woody’s

Woody’s Bar-B-Q® Spare Ribs – Yum!

Jacksonville, Florida (July 16, 2009) Lifting a perfectly smoked spare rib to the lips and beating out other zealous rib-eating contestants is what Bar-B-Q heaven must be like! During the 30th Anniversary year in Jacksonville, Florida and throughout the many franchise areas, a spare rib eating competition was how Woody’s Bar-B-Q® honored fans and friends. The contest on Saturday July 11th had a TIE between Art Doring and Chuck Jensen, both receiving a $130 ‘Q’ Card to use at any Woody’s Bar-B-Q location in the U.S.

Owners Woody Mills and Yolanda Mills-Mawman personally greeted guests coming from many towns throughout Florida and Georgia at their original flagship location in Jacksonville, Florida (opened 1980). The public cheered on the winners to each eat 21 ribs in 10 minutes!

Chuck Jensen, a body builder who loves his protein, can occasionally consume 11-13 whole chickens at Woody’s on their ‘All you can eat’ nights. “I’m known here as the chicken guy. But I really like their ribs too”.

Art Doring, a firefighter with the City of Jacksonville’s Rescue #19 in Arlington, was cheered on by his wife Charity and their children. He began as the underdog but certainly came through with the bones. “It wasn’t easy but I had a blast”.

With 30+ locations in Florida, Tennessee and North Carolina, Woody’s Bar-B-Q® has become a legendary family-owned Southern dining treasure recognized for its smokin’ family-friendly restaurant, full-service catered events, traditional slow-smoked meats and secret recipe Bar-B-Q sauces. One of the fastest growing restaurant franchises in the nation, Woody and Yolanda have always given generously to support community projects and fundraisers throughout the chain’s network.

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