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FloridaRoadtrip.TV PBS-Television

FEATURING: Casa Marina Hotel in Jacksonville Beach

From an Amazing Race to a Florida Roadtrip
FLORIDA ROADTRIP airs at 7:30 p.m on WPBT Channel 2

After traversing 40,000 miles over four continents and twenty-four cities, husband & wife models Freddy and Kendra Holliday, winners of the sixth season of the CBS series The Amazing Race take to the road once again. This time their new adventure leads to a FLORIDA ROADTRIP.
FLORIDA ROADTRIP is WPBT’s newest original series featuring fast-paced excursions to intriguing, historic and natural must-see attractions around the state. With Freddy and Kendra Holliday as the hosts, each episode maps out a quintessential Florida adventure, filled with little-known history lessons, quirky landmarks, local culture and a taste of the native cuisine.

After facing the non-stop reality show cameras for weeks on end, one would think the Miami couple had their fill. Instead, their high-energy and enthusiastic spirit for FLORIDA ROADTRIP is infectious. Freddy and Kendra's personalities shine through with spontaneous delight as they voyage on a real road trip.

Freddy compares his experience this way . . . "The Amazing Race was a game, but it became an absolutely grueling experience whereas FLORIDA ROADTRIP is a job, but it’s been a blast!"

Kendra agrees. "We actually got the chance to enjoy and experience the places that we visited. We saw a side of our home state that we never knew existed."

Over ten action-packed episodes the husband-and-wife team serve up an array of outings that can be enjoyed over the course of a long weekend. They crisscross the state in search of Florida’s distinct nature, rich history, diverse cuisine, and of course, escapades that can only be found in the Sunshine State.

Florida Roadtrip goes off-the-beaten-path to surprise both new residents and longtime natives!
FLORIDA ROADTRIP - “Shifting the way you experience Florida!”
Episode 101: Northeast Florida
Fast, Fun, and Full of History

FEATURING www.Casamarinahotel.com in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

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